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1970's -80's Yamaha G-235 Acoustic guitar

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listed on: Dec 15, 2010
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New or used  Used
Make  Yamaha
Model  G-235
Year  Late seventies/ early eighties
Are you confident of the production year  Yes
Country of origin  taiwan
History  Was traded to grandfather for money owed. Guitar was bought in California.
Right or left handed  Right
Overall condition  9
Describe your item's overall condition in detail.  Guitar is in excellent shape with no marks or wear and tear. Only been played 3 times. Guitar was given to grandfather and put in the closet.
Number of Strings  6
Material of Fingerboard  I think its rosewood or ebony
Number of Frets  18
Description of fret wear  None
Color  Natural
Finish/lacquer originality  Original Finish
Condition of Lacquer/Finish  Finish is in near mint condition.
Fret Originality  Original Frets
Tuners Originality  Original
Bridge Originality  Original Bridge
Repairs previously done  none
Repairs needed  none
Detailed Description of any cracks in wood  none
Describe any non-original or replaced parts.  none. Just needs new strings.
Case  Original Hard
List any missing pieces  none
Other features/info  none
Describe any accessories or extras included.  just the original hard case. Not like the new hard cases, its the old flimsy thin hard case.

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