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YAMAHA S3115H Full Range loudspeaker system (pair)

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listed on: Oct 12, 2009
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New or used  Used
Model  3115H (pair)
History  Used for rehearsal and home stereo for 5 years and then stored for 15 years.
Overall condition  8
Describe your item's overall condition in detail.  Well maintained and owner operated. Cosmetically good in black vinyl finish with black metal protective grills
Description   The original Yamaha (white) woofers have been replaced with JBL 2205H; 200 watt woofers for more punch and greater power handling. The Yamaha H.F. compression horns are very sweet.
With a bit of equalization these can be used for home stereo or DJ work.
Very strong recessed handles, metal corners and tough plastic feet.

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